Grande Saison SanuaK


Exploring different puddle species and their site-specific behavior, Puddle Watching is a guided tour that makes Kaunas’ puddles visible, visitable and experienceable – even in a dry state. Although puddles are an ephemeral phenomenon, they do not occur randomly. The tour looks into their preferences, needs and logic, asking why they appear where they do, thus offering a new view on puddles and the city. A booklet accompanying the walk offers everything to facilitate a journey into the world of Puddle Watching.

The walk in the district of Šančiai, Kaunas was created in collaboration with Indrė Urbelytė (Ekskursas).

Puddle Watching is presented as part of Grande Saison SanuaK, a programme of artistic guided tours in the context of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022. Grande Saison SanuaK is a collaboration between Ekskursas (Kaunas) and B_Tour (Berlin), organized and curated by Yael Sherill, Lianne Mol and Algimantas Grigas.


Practical information:
B_Tour Artist: Mirja Busch.
Ekskursas Guide: Indrė Urbelytė;
Date and times: 08.05.2022 11:00 DE/EN, 14:00 DE/EN, 17:00 DE/LT
Duration of the tour: 1,5 h; Number of participants: 15 per tour;
Starting point: Šančių Švč. Jėzaus Širdies bažnyčia (prie vartų) / Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in Šančiai (by the gate); Language: EN/LT;
Registration is needed. Registration link will be posted one week before the event.
Further information: Please dress for the weather, maybe wear rubber boots and/or a rain coat, or bring an umbrella.
Credits: This tour was commissioned by B_Tour for the project Tracks in a Box with support of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europa. Special thanks to Anna Mándoki (graphic design), Laimonas Kinčius (translation LT), and Auksė Bruverienė from Goethe-Institut Vilnius for her help in the mediation.