book contribution

Fake Hybrid Sites Palimpsest. Essays on Leakages

edited by Madhusree Dutta and Nanna Heidenreich

Fake Hybrid Sites Palimpsest. Essays on Leakages

Boundaries are leaky. Things are identified, multiply, disseminate, and disappear – borders, concepts, tongues, cells, symptoms, objects, values, people, species. They are not the same. They are same.

The anthology Fake Hybrid Sites Palimpsest. Essays on Leakages. looks at productive leakages, compound systems, attachments, infestations, and infatuations. The essays (in words and graphics) navigate between disciplines and practices, crossing art, poetry, cultural and social sciences, philosophy, media and migration studies, literature. They are organized by structures of blood, species, viruses and archives; networks of laws, ideologies, languages and labour; and imagination of bodies, fashion, arts, copy and poetry.

Contributions by Bini Adamczak, Moritz Altenried + Manuela Bojadžijev + Mira Wallis, Madhusree Dutta, Bishnupriya Ghosh, Monika Gintersdorfer + Hauke Heumann + Franck E. Yao Alias Gadoukou La Star, Nanna Heidenreich, Jan Lemitz, Lawrence Liang, Andreas Niegl, Monika Rinck, Susanne Sachsse + Marc Siegel, Beli̇t Sağ, Zoran Terzić, Mi Yo

English, approx. 300 pages
Graphic Design: Sherna Dastur
Editors: Madhusree Dutta, Nanna Heidenreich, University of Applied Arts Vienna, and Academy of the Arts of the World / Cologne
Publisher: De Gruyter, Berlin / Boston