Heavy-Metal Vibrations, or The Dissection of a Water Body

Heavy Metal Vibrations, or The Dissection of a Water Body (2023) is an installation comprising photographs, water samples and chemical profiles. It investigates the dark aesthetics of puddles and their environmental entanglements. Puddles are introduced as dynamic entities that interact with their surroundings, accumulating information and pollutants.


The exhibit showcases the transformation of eleven puddles through visual inversion and solarisation, forming a photo column. Each column is accompanied by water from one to three puddles characterised by a relatively high presence of a heavy metal. Whereas the photo columns lose

colour, the 22 bottles filled with puddle water show an unexpected variety of colorations.

This installation thus covers the intricate connections between water bodies, heavy metals and urban landscapes.


44 Fine Art Prints, 22 puddle water samples, clipboard with 22 chemical profiles



Exhibition view.
At HYDROMEDIA: Seeing with Water, Stormkop, Antwerp, 2023. Photo: Sascha Herrmann